Because we are addicted to it. As an Atlanta-based advertising agency and PR firm, we are brand builders and storytellers. We use public relations, advertising, digital and design to tell a company’s story—one that is built around a smart strategy and a big, simple idea. This story, or positioning, is then told using all available channels—paid, earned and owned. We will dream about your brand. We’ll become addicted to helping your brand succeed.
First and foremost we work as a partner. Diligently, strategically and creatively—with a little happiness and enjoyment mixed in. Locally in Atlanta, or nationally, we can team with you on advertising, PR, design or digital as needed. Have us take a holistic approach to your brand or project and we’ll look at it from a discipline-neutral position. Or, come to us with a specific project in a certain discipline and you’ll see us shine.


We’ve had the opportunity to cut our teeth on some of the best brands in the business.  Actually, we did a lot more than cut our teeth on them. We helped move the needle for many Fortune 500 companies and brands when we were at larger global or independent agencies. Seed Factory’s agency owners have experience running 15-45 person teams, creating positioning and taglines that shaped multi-year ad campaigns, filmed million dollar commercials as well as low-budget videos and commercials. They advised Microsoft on Y2K crisis communications, did media events with Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. They wrangled entire NBA and NHL starting line-ups for photo shoots and even shot a TV commercial that went viral with over 7 million views (why the client ended up taking it off YouTube, we’ll never understand). And guess what? Our client experience is just that; in the past. So while Seed Factory looks forward to the great things we can do for you, it’s always good to know where we came from and what we’ve done. That way you can trust us and begin to imagine what we’ll accomplish together. Below is a list of some current and past Seed Factory clients.


Seed factory
We don’t sell ourselves as a photography studio. There are lots of talented, full-time photographers out there that we’d love to match perfectly with the ambitions of a project, then art direct for an award-winning campaign. But if for some reason the budget, timing, or usage rights conspire against the project, we are very capable of producing certain photography projects in-house.